Procedure Costs & Break Down

The costs of any surgery varies significantly between surgeons, medical facilities, and regions of the country. Patients who need additional or more extensive surgery will require more intensive and expensive treatment. In non-private surgery centers or in-office Operating Rooms the prices may include the following. However, in hospitals - surgery charges can usually be separated into five parts: 

  1. the surgeon's fee

  2. the anesthesiologist's fee

  3. the hospital charges, which includes nursing care and the operating room

  4. the medications

  5. and any additional charges

All fees are averages; out-patient charges, including surgeon fees, anesthesia, Operating Room charges, and implants if applicable - unless otherwise noted.  Lab fees, such as "blood work" (CBC), are normally an extra $35. - $75., plus medications are usually an additional $120. If you are to be staying in a hospital, aftercare facility or are opting for home healthcare - these expenses are additional.

Primary open rhinoplasty $3,152. - $7,500.
Primary closed rhinoplasty $2,879. - $6,800.
Primary Septoplasty/Turbinectomy $3,500. - $6,500.
Secondary open rhinoplasty $7,000. - $15,000.
Secondary closed rhinoplasty $2,643. - $13,000.
with implant: $3,500. - $16,500.


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