Preparing Yourself Emotionally

Chin Augmentation isn't just a physical surgery - it is a very emotional experience which can cause a great impact on your mind, both positively and negatively.  Many aspects of surgery can affect your emotions to the point of temporary depression.  We will cover these feelings of insecurity and disappointment in the Recovery: What to Expect.

Preparation is an important step because one can set themselves up for depression and shock if they are not fully prepared.  Take care to organize and gather your senses and thoughts beforehand.  Anesthesia and medications can truly affect your outlook so please know this beforehand.  Relaxation can decrease your recovery time and help things progress more easily.

Of course you will have your pre-operative jitters so just try to relax and truly if you trust, and I know this is the difficult part, if you trust the surgeon performing your surgery and let him do his job, everything will go along more smoothly.  Getting worked up about your surgery to a point of fright can lead to severe nervous tension which interferes with the healing process.  Just know that it is normal to be excited and have that adrenaline rush from knowing you will have an enhanced chin very soon!

What You Can Do To Prepare
Knowing what you can do to help your mind ease its way into your surgery can certainly help you both pre- and post-operatively.  Below is what you can do before surgery to help put things into perspective.

  • ascertain that your surgeon is aware of your wishes
  • ascertain all of your shopping (from foods to gauze) is complete
  • Have all of your medications in order or prepare a place for them to be with your medication time chart
  • talk any concerns over with your spouse or family and reassure them why you want the surgery
  • compare old photographs and go over either on paper or in your head why you truly want the surgery yourself.
Go over and tell yourself that during the healing phase you will be:
  • bruised
  • sore
  • swollen
  • asymmetrical
  • tired
  • irritable
  • unsure
  • possibly depressed
  • Print out our "motivational" Post-operative Emotions Reminder List to help you remember these things
  • If you realize all of the above beforehand there are no surprises.  Write or print this out pre-operatively because even though you know in your mind NOW that you will feel this way - your mind changes and plays tricks on you afterwards.  Know this.
  • Take a nice bath or hot shower beforehand and wash your hair - and perhaps light some candles and soak for a bit if you like. Of course you will have to rinse off in the shower with antibacterial soap afterwards and be sure that there are no oils, creams or perfumes on your body. Soaking is therapeutic beforehand as long as you are clean as a whistle when you get out.  Even play some relaxing music while in the tub.
  • Go get massage a few days before to help you relax if you wish it.
  • Do whatever it is that helps you relax.
  • Talk to your friends and if you want to let them know, if you try hide it and they notice they may be hurt or angry but remember of you don't want them to know - it is YOUR prerogative.  More than likely will know something is different.
  • Remember that this doesn't have to be a stressful time - even though it is difficult to trust, stressing and worrying doesn't make anything better once you've committed and you are determined to have your surgery.  Remember that stress can increase healing time and blood pressure can soar during this time.  Think of your health.  Think of how you will look in the following weeks after surgery!


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