Revision Rhinoplasty Journals

This section is dedicated to posting true success stories that are emailed to us from our visitors.  We've asked their permission to publish their stories for you to read, and learn from.  There is always room for positive input, so we hope that you will enjoy these stories and possibly submit your very own patient journal.  *If you have any questions please read the Terms of Use regarding spamming these volunteers, or soliciting them in any way. 

Submit Your Own Success Story!
Want to share your story with the world. Want to help others by submitting your own experience?  All you have to do is send us your personal account with a few photos if you like and we will get your story up promptly!  If you would like to help answer questions or correspond with pre-operative patients with the knowledge you possess, please provide an email you wouldn't mind having up on the site and we will place it on your journal!

  • Mike's Revision Journal


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