All About Revision Rhinoplasty is dedicated to educating people about revision, or secondary, rhinoplasty. By providing detailed and accurate information regarding the nasal structure, the procedure itself, its different techniques, and accompanying risks and complications; as well as what to expect post-operatively and what desires can actually be fulfilled, you can make an informed choice regarding this surgery. There is a lot more to rhinoplasty than one may realize which makes this a highly revised procedure (approximately 15 - 10%) in plastic surgery. With this website, and our primary rhinoplasty website, we endeavor to do all we can to decrease that percentage.

It is important to know what can reasonably be achieved and what to expect to decrease the possibility of unrealistic expectations or dissatisfaction, in general. However, this doesn't exempt a surgeon from giving you a proper result. We believe that well-honed communication skills and self-education can help you obtain a better result. Although a great outcome can't be guaranteed due to the many variables, we can help you increase your chances. We have provided a list of surgeons thought to be skilled in secondary rhinoplasty surgery techniques.

If read in its entirety, this website should eventually help you find the best solution for your needs.  We all know that this procedure and the accompanying stressors can get the best of us but when it comes down to it, anger doesn't help you find your solution. Please remember, where there is a will, there is a way! 

It is important to discuss all possible aspects of the problem and entrust yourself to a surgeon who suits YOUR individual needs. We realize that all surgeons are not for all patients so please remember this when asking for advice from others - compile a list of possibles and research these particular surgeons, note their surgical 'style' through viewing photographs, consultations and speaking with their patients. Above all have the patience and the knowledge of what to expect after your surgery.

The tissues of the nose can take many months and sometimes years to complete its transition. And even then the nose continues to change throughout the years, regardless if one has had a surgery or not.

If you should ever need anything please do not hesitate to contact us, our goal is to help you help yourself and provide support when you need it most.





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All About Revision Rhinoplasty - Increasing Your Chances of a Better Outcome

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